Travelling to Iceland

Most people do not need a visa to travel to Iceland for less than 90 days. Please check the specific requirements for your country here prior to travelling. Should you require a letter of invitation, please contact us at

The main international gateway into Iceland is Keflavík International Airport in South Iceland. From there it is possible to travel by road or air to Fjallabyggð, where the conference will be located.

Nestled at the tip of the Troll Peninsula in North Iceland, Fjallabyggð – “the mountain municipality” – consists of the two small townships Siglufjörður and Ólafsfjörður as well as a swath of mountains and coastline. Conference events will take place in both towns, which each feature a small grocery store, cafes, restaurants and beautiful local walking trails. Each town also has a gym and swimming pool. The total overall population of Fjallabyggð today is around 2000 people. The closest large town is Akureyri, an hour’s drive away.

Accommodation is booked upon registration. There are several options available across Fjallabyggð, and shuttle services between venues will be available throughout the conference.

There are several options for travelling to Fjallabyggð.

Getting to Fjallabyggð

By air: 


From Keflavík International Airport, it is an hour’s drive (FlyBus operates a transfer service) to the domestic airport in Reykjavík, where several flights depart to Akureyri daily. Through IcelandAir it is possible to purchase a ticket through to Akureyri.

EUCHIS 2023 will arrange pickups from Akureyri airport for participants. As soon as you have your flight information (flight number and arrival time in Akureyri) please email it to us, along with your registration number, at

By land: 

The journey by car from Reykjavík to Fjallabyggð takes around 5 hours. Car rentals are widely available, but can be expensive. 

Bus services are available between Reykjavík and Akureyri.

For travellers coming by road, we highly recommend using the Safetravel and road network information resources for information on moving safely around Iceland. 

EUCHIS 2023 will arrange pickups from Akureyri for participants. If you will be arriving by bus, please email your expected arrival time at Akureyri – Hof to us, along with your registration number, at

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